VIDEO WHAT Yandere Dev's Gremlin video means & WHY you should know

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Bộ phim truyền hình về Yandere Dev được xây dựng dựa trên thứ được gọi là video Gremlin, trong khi điều quan trọng là bạn phải hiểu anh ấy thực sự đã làm gì sai 🍵 Rất vui khi được cung cấp cho bạn điều này ✔️ Đăng ký ngay hôm nay! Спасы ️ (∩`-´) ⊃━━ ☆ ゚. * ・。 ゚ —————————— Các liên kết / nguồn quan trọng: ↴ Yandev Wiki: YandereDev bảo người hâm mộ tự sát: ăn cắp tác phẩm của Yandere Dev: Anh ấy nhiều lần bảo mọi người phải chết: Truyện hư cấu khủng khiếp và ghê tởm mà anh ấy đã viết: Danh sách mở rộng tất cả các hành vi sai trái: Repzilla tiết lộ video: Phỏng vấn Jan Deva từ Repzilla: video với Jandera Deva Gremlin: (っ ◔◡◔) っ ♥ ░C░ ░n ░n░e░c░t░ ░w░i░t░h░ ░m░e░ ♥ Discord➥ Instagram➥ Twitter➥ Reddit➥ Snapchat➥ Facebook➥ (⊙.≊➥) Facebook➥ (⊙ .≊➥) ⊙) グ (⊙.⊙ (☉_☉) ⊙.⊙) ───────▄▀▄─────▄▀▄ ─────▄█░░ ▀▀▀░ ▄ ─▄▄ ──█░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░░░ █▄▄█─░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░░░ █▄▄█ ─░▄█ ─█░█─█░░▀▬ mèo Twitter ► 😸 GREG TV SHOW► ºO • ❤ • .¸✿¸. • ❤ • .❀ • ❤ • ❀. • ❤ • .¸✿¸. • ❤ • .¸ ✿¸. • ❤ • .❀ • ❤❤❀. • ❤ • .¸✿¸. • ❤ • ———————————— 乂 ❤‿❤ 乂 ————————— – ———— —————————————— Linh tinh: ↴ Người dùng iOS và các thiết bị không được hỗ trợ khác có thể trở thành thành viên tại đây: Chủ đề video / Liên quan: ↴ yandere dev twitch phơi bày yandere simulator alex mahan yandere sim yandere dev tranh cãi yandere dev face yandere dev drama yandere dev patreon yandere dev reddit yandere dev y andere simulator dev yandere simulator tải xuống Yandere Dev gremlin Alexander Stewart Mahan yandere dev lạm dụng yaphon yaph evaxephon yandere dev evaxephon: phụ đề tiếng Trung, tiếng Bulgari, tiếng Azerbaijan) , Tiếng Croatia, tiếng Séc, tiếng Đan Mạch, tiếng Hà Lan, tiếng Anh (tự động), tiếng Anh, tiếng Estonia, tiếng Philippines, tiếng Phần Lan, tiếng Pháp (Pháp), tiếng Galicia, tiếng Đức, tiếng Gruzia), tiếng Hy Lạp, tiếng Do Thái, tiếng Hindi, tiếng Hungary, tiếng Iceland, tiếng Indonesia, tiếng Ý, tiếng Nhật, Tiếng Hàn, tiếng Lào, tiếng Litva, Tiếng Mông Cổ, tiếng Na Uy, tiếng Ba Tư, tiếng Ba Lan, tiếng Bồ Đào Nha (Brazil), tiếng Romania, tiếng Nga, tiếng Serbia, tiếng Slovenia, tiếng Tây Ban Nha (Mexico), tiếng Thụy Điển, tiếng Thái, tiếng Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ, tiếng Ukraina, tiếng Việt, tiếng Zulu —————————— – # YandereDevExposedAgain ————————————— Repzilla tham gia vào việc biên tập, viết, nghiên cứu, nghệ thuật và sản xuất, trừ khi có ghi chú khác *.


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  1. Yandere Dev has guilt tripped people and used manipulative tactics to get what he desires.
    Yandere Dev has done inappropriate and perverted things with no warning, often making people uncomfortable.
    Yandere Dev has stolen assets from more popular games and given no credit whatsoever.
    Yandere Dev has stolen a redesigned art piece of a rival without permission and called it “Fan art.”
    Yandere Dev has deleted comments such as mine or even ones saying healthy criticism.
    Yandere Dev has told everyone to picture him as a defensive little girl as a guilt trip.
    Yandere Dev has threatened to commit suicide when he does not get what he wants.
    Yandere Dev is purposely working slow on the development of Yandere Sim then blaming it on his volunteers.
    And much more that I haven’t even heard about! Overall I think Yandere Dev needs to ADMIT what he’s done wrong and apologise instead of claiming he’s never done those things or giving excuses that don’t even make sense!

  2. prediction is not needed, high iq people just do this-wait and see what people will do, dont prevent something from happening, even bad stuff, i mean stuff made from other people, if they wanna do it ok let them make their life worse, some things dont need a i blocked very annoying astrologic person..he only knows two words in his dictionary..for real. He only talks about this and that, explains his life on the second day he met me, i hate some people that just prefers to spam instead of saying something interesting or just something not related to philosofy, i love philosofy but not in this way, stop fckin analize others life (i talk about the normal people exploring other strangers its wrong)

  3. I used to be one of the most obnoxious YandereDev WhiteKnights

    It was hard for me to give him up because I used to see him as my “idol”,
    And I Actually dream of one day becoming some sort of game developer in
    A community. I was kinda hyped over what he had to share, and I really
    Did sink under him. Back in 2019 before the word about yanderedev spread,
    I found his “cum chalice” twitch clip, however I didn’t really get the joke, and I
    Didn’t really think he was a complete incel. Once I saw videos about people
    Talking about him, it made me upset, so I started harassing those youtubers.
    Little did I know yanderedev was turning me into something I didn’t see.

    Late 2019 Rumours spread rapidly, I was too uncomfortable to bother yelling
    At anyone because I felt foolish doing that. I tried speaking more mature but
    It wasn’t really outstanding to me. I decided to let it go. But YouTube kept
    Recommending me the videos discussing him which just made me worried,
    I started thinking that yanderedev was actually the person the describe him
    As. Such as the following. Narcissistic, perverted, disrespectful. Eventually I saw
    The clip of him telling a fan to kill themselves which made me uncertain and
    I distanced. from yanderedev a bit. That should have been it.

    In Early 2020, their was no point defending him. He’s going cancelled.
    Eventually after I saw more of his twitch streams, I started feeling something
    Tingle inside of me. And It wasn’t something YandereDev would want to hear.
    I felt a bit of anger, I felt sad, I felt betrayed, and I felt Rage. Now at this
    Point I disliked Alex… I hated Alex… because eventually I saw how he was
    Using the word “Retarded”. Not to meantion, I’m autistic, so why would I ever
    Root for someone like him?

    Late afternoon I went on his discord server (I joined, before he started forcing
    People to pay him, so it was In easy get and go… I was planning to photoshop
    An image of his cum chalice face, and made fun of it. Sadly I struggled
    To find the file, so I just sent a very hateful message in the general channel
    Of his discord. Surprisingly…… None of his moderators were looking at discord at the
    Moment, because apparently yanderedev was streaming which distracted them.
    I hesitated a bit. Because I knew once I did this, I wouldn’t be coming back.
    I typed a large message. And I pressed send. It was so random, since
    I interupted what ever they were talking about, so the whole discord
    Server Gasped. Eventually the chat was like
    “@goldenboy lol, go away you loser…”

    “Their are no moderators here….”
    “Should I ping a @mod?”
    “The mods are moderating yanderedevs stream….”

    It took a whole 12 hours to ban me, next morning I went to go on discord
    To see if I wasn’t banned yet… I couldn’t find the Yandere Simulator discord
    Server on my list… and pretty much it was like doing a victory dance….

  4. I always find it funny how he portrays these "gremlins" as gross caricatures of what they really are. The exact thing he wants people to stop doing to him. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  5. I only lightly follow the development of the game. It's really only when something big happens that I hear anything at all. I saw the gremlin video back when it came out, but never really cared enough to look into it further. I didn't care if he was right or wrong and didn't know the extent of what he'd done.

    I gotta say though, this is the first video of yours I've seen, and I'm really impressed with your presentation. It was well constructed and I appreciate the amount of respect you showed here despite how awful the things he's done is. I know people IRL who are as verbally abusive (worse really) as the examples provided here, and there really is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Doesn't matter how bad your day is.

    This world needs more people who show the level of respect you showed here in this video. Thank you for being who you are.

    P.S.: Nice hair.

  6. wow i read lots of stories and i feel the same what i think he is doing (without hating of course) is: putting up a good reputation on youtube but a bad one on other sites. Rep i am greatfull you put the yandere dev doing bad stuff in the description. i know he is going trough alot and i get it but insulting people frequently is so bad. i think hes getting ore hate than support now .saying hes innocent while thousands of witnesses saw what he has said to people makes me feel wierd like were all in court. i still support the game but now i know that i wont support this innocent act of his . im not hating but he needs to know better to stop the act.this is long but still i can get it out of my system in this chat some things i said may be stupid but im just suprised.

  7. Even if this isn’t enough, have you seen the Oka body pillow? SHE IS 17!!!! I actually felt sick when I saw it. YandereDev says everyone is above 18 but I don’t believe a word out of his mouth. When you see something along the lines that every one portrayed is over 18, chances are they aren’t.

  8. He's not a little stupid teenage anime girl, he's a grown man, if he wants to get a girlfriend he should start to act like one and take responsibility for his own effed up actions.

  9. Let's be honest, because of what person he is, I know for a FACT he saved that beast Pern in his to-do folder for the evening.

  10. I like your way of handling things but sadly I feel no sympathy for this man. Not only is he a narsassist who believes everyone to be against him becuase they don't understand him when he's the only generalising everyone else, he's made entire ass pages of writing as to why he believes young teens (14 specifically) should be able to have sex legally with grown men. He as a person is terrible and I wish I could be as calm and collected as you about this but the fact that people are allowing him to leach off them really pisses me off. Great video btw.

  11. Now some of his supporters assume everyone who calls him out is just out to get him. I made a video on him, I was calm, polite as much as possible, I showed evidence he wasn't work on the game 24/7 like he claimed, and how little progress he was making, and that he's hostile towards fans that have a concern, question towards him or the game. They acted like I was out to hurt him, said I'm a terrible person and he's actually sweet. Dev made a update yesterday, claiming he's suicidal, he is working on the game, but it's hard, and he has a life other than the game, people act like it's a crime, he wants to quit making the game. Look, I have seen a lot of people be nasty towards him, it's true there are people who won't leave him alone. It sucks he's depressed, but your depression is not an excuse to lash out at people, if it's really that bad, seek help, or find healthy solutions to help yourself. And he doesn't have to make the game alone, developers offered to help him with it, he kicked one developer for changing the coding to make it run better and trying to get him to do more work so the game can be finished asap. There's tons of people who'd love to work for him, one of my friends in the past thought about helping him, he does stuff to screw them over. He could have gotten beautiful new character models for the game so he didn't have to use the stolen, recolored ones anymore, but he wasn't going to credit the artist, so she didn't let him have them because that's not right. Nobody is trying to overwork him, rush the game, they are just saying he needs to try a bit more, and have other people help him so he won't have to do it alone if it's really so hard, stressful. And, there's absolutely never a excuse to tell anyone to kill yourself. He just needs to try a little more, lose the attitude. Even though I don't like the game, tons of people do, it'd make them all very happy to play the actual story, see all of his ideas come together. He just needs to listen, ask for help, not continue to act a fool, hurt himself like that.

  12. Maybe it's because I'm autistic, but I really wanted to give YanDev the benefit of the doubt. As someone who has written some pretty dark fanfic as a means of working through trauma, I think I initially wanted to believe that Yandere Dev wrote his fanfic from the same sort of place of trauma. In that same vein, I wanted to believe he used to be bad but had changed, because I used to lash out at people online when I was in middle school (I'm in my freshman year of college now) and I'm mortified by who I used to be and cannot apologize enough for those things. But the thing is, his fanfic lacks the compassion and healing narrative (rape recovery is the official subgenre on AO3 and other fanfic archives with better taggng systems) most cope fic writers have, he's made jokes about rape for years, and he's continued to lash out at people and use ableist language even when people are on his side. He once accused a fan of his who regular made videos promoting the game of stalking him, hacking him and stealing secrets about the game, and then copyright claimed every video that person ever made. I can understand him being angry at his stalkers. Being angry at his most loyal fans who have been following the game for five years? Calling them a r*tard? No, that was the point where I jumped ship. That was indefensible even to me, with my total lack of social skills and die hard desire to see the good in people.

    People weren't waiting on him, eager for him to mess up. His fans and ex-fans, myself included, were waiting for him to turn around and say, "Sorry about that. I didn't mean it and I've learned better, now. Here's Osana!" We were waiting for a game. That's all most people want from him even now. And here we are in 2020, without it. Hopefully videos like these continue to be thrown at the fanbase via YouTube's weird algorithms and make people realize what a jackass he's being.

  13. My condolences of course but what does your special needs dead relative have to do with this situation

  14. I think Yandere Dev is talking about the toxic people who criticize him, and not people who genuinely just want to make things better.

  15. The content of his game has improved recently since people started to leave him alone, so I think it's best that we just leave him alone.

  16. There are 2 sides…

    Yandare-dev's good side.

    And his bad side.

    There is a difference and a major split is everything there is.

    Those who are in the middle, stand strong to bring the good and bad to see each other's side of view. But when questioned directly, it just collapsed; indirectly just helps it.
    But bias, even when given a chance to tell the world… But at the wrong time; clouded judgement.
    Helpfulness, but mentally not helpful.

    Offer chances to each other, bias can split it. Including other key factors. Each person is different, personalities… Same in social connections… But online, can it?

    Those who try to reach out want to be heard without doubt, a single chance to give to others to see his point of view.
    Past or not, would it be rational view or not? Not everyone has information exactly on the Internet. Just like a simple web search… Easy, but a military info. No.

    I nor hate or love Yandere-dev, I more like hope everything is okay; true that I know the majority of what he has done, but would it be true or not? Every other youtuber talks how Yandere-dev has this account, and this and that… Seems just too… Unrealistic but motive.

    But in the end, middle ground won't stand that much…

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